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神主牌 Ancestral Tablet

神主牌 - Semenyih Ancestral Tablet DZW - D

Semenyih DZW D Ancestral Tablet 神主牌

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神主牌 - Klang Ancestral Tablet Block A Main Hall

Klang Block A Main Hall Ancestral Tablet 神主牌

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Ancestral Tablet

Dead ones are always there in the memory. In some of the world’s regions, they are given extra peace of reverence in some ways. The role of the ancestral tablet is depicting an example in this regard. It is motivating a way to justify the current trends of funeral service and after that rituals.

The potential tole of the tablets is trendier as it is giving a great and countless deal of reverence to the dead one even after the death. It may make the relatives feel relaxed and contented as in this way they are supporting the dead ones even after they are not around.

Ancestral Tablet – A Great Deal Of Support

The tablet is a helping hand to the family and relatives. It is available on special order and ready-made both ways. One may buy an ancestral tablet as per convenience and choices of the person to carry the tablet plan for the dead one.


One may buy the tablet according to the choice and requirement; it is truly available in various sizes and shapes, the role of the decent tablet may make it look glossy. On the other hand, as per your choice, you may make it slim or fatty.


It is available in a decent outlook of the tablet, but on your demand, the amendment is also possible. You might be seeing to elongate the shape and size, so it is also possible. The length and width are editable.


Glass, wood and many materials are employed to construct the beautiful colour and shape of the tablet. You may prefer your choices, and it will be considered essential in this regard.


It is up to you that what kind of message you prefer to write down on the tablet. Although it may be simply the name, family lineage, quote, date, etc., it is according to your demands and is truly editable.


The ancestral tablet will give a true level of reverence to your loved ones, so you need to be the potential to go for it. The smart size and the true outlook is there for the great ideal in this regard. So it should be preferred according to size.

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巴生富贵山庄 Nirvana Klang

Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam)

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Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih)

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