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Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden 富贵宠物墓园


Pet Funeral Service 宠物殡仪配套
RM 2,300 nett



The loss of a pet can be as emotionally devastating as losing a family member or a loved one. It could be equated to the loss of a source of unconditional love, a companion that provides security and comfort, or even a substitute child. For this reason, it is important that we can accord our cherished companions with a farewell at the end of their lives that befitting of their stature in our lives.

Our specialised service staff will provide your beloved pet with dignified ritual care and we encouraged you and your family’s presence and participation so that together you can be part of its final journey. Sorrow and grief are the natural responses in coping with loss, and we are there to assist. Nirvana offers burial and cremation services for pets; both handled with no less respect than we would with a loved one.

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden - Burial Plot 宠物福地
RM 10,800 Including Lifetime Maintenance Fee



No longer by your side, forever in your heart; and now your cherished companion that has given you so much joy in life can rest in eternal peace in Malaysia’s first official pet memorial garden. An animal companion to most people is more than just a pet; they are our best friend and family. That is why when the time comes to say goodbye, our love for them will want for nothing less to commemorate their undying devotion in a deserving place of rest.

Burial at Nirvana’s tranquil Pet Memorial Garden provides a comforting choice to express a lasting tribute for faithful animal companions that hold a special place in our hearts. Aside from being able to assist in all aspects of the burial and funeral service, we also a variety of monuments from simple headstones to statuaries carved in the likeness of your beloved animal companion to commemorate a special relationship like no other.

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden - Pet Columbarium 宠物骨灰阁
RM 5,000 Including Lifetime Maintenance Fee



There is absolutely no reason why your beloved animal companion can’t be commemorated in the same dignified manner upon cremation. After completing your farewells, your pet will be transported in our own specialised Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden hearse to our own designated pet crematorium facilities.

You can be assured that your pet’s earthly remains will be respectfully handled and accorded with loving care and its ashes safely returned upon cremation in an urn. Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden has its own columbarium where you can place your pet’s ashes to rest amid a lush and meticulously maintained environment like the rest of our memorial park. You can be assured after a life of devoted loyalty and unconditional love, your beloved animal companion can find rest in a peaceful and beautiful garden of souls.

Pet Memorial Garden Photo

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Pets - Always In Memory By Funeral Services

It is also difficult to spend time without pets, we all love our pets and care for them to bits. The death of a pet is very gloomy for us. The pet memorial helps manage the life chores even after the death of the beloved pet.

The service is helpful and trendy in supporting generous care for the care and love that you display for the pet even after his death. The care is sure if you are availing the funeral services.

Pet Funerals

The funeral service is helpful in many ways. It is indeed a way to get the right opinion and keep the pet placement as a memory for us. The funeral services are in huge percentages. Some of them are:

Pet Cremations

The cremation service is supportive as it may manage the transport to the funeral point. In addition, it is helpful for the burial and arranging the ground for the burial land. The support is good as it is offering you the true closing for the pet.

The cremation is ideal as it is offering essence and awareness for the death spot of the pet. The last processing will be so supportive that you will be satisfied by heart about the ending of the pet.

Pet Headstones

The beautiful and trendy headstones are available in various designs and patterns. One may buy the favourite one as per choice to have a lovely goodbye to the pets. Focussing on the trends of life and contentedness, the message can be written on the headstones.

The pet memorial is making sure that the memorable moments with the specific pet are not to forget. The love can be expressed in the form of a quotation. It will give you happiness whenever you visit the last place.

Pet Remembrance

The remembrance is beautiful care and love for the pet. The remembrance is a support that may give a glimpse of the modern outlook of the last place. The remembrance can be maintained at its best by using the option of a decent outlook of the end place.


All in all, the role of the pet memorial is supportive in giving careful support in this regard. The funeral is a generous and memorable opinion that is keeping you to ensure the memory of the pet. You may visit on and off and put flowers on it.